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About Us

My name is Hsiu-Li Yeh, founder of the design firm Yeh Design located in Amsterdam and Wassenaar in The Netherlands. After graduating as an Industrial Design Engineer at Delft University of Technology, I started my company Yeh Design in 2000. My goal is to help realizeyour dreams and wishes into a design. Because of my technical background I have an analytical view on design, thus thriving to create truly user-friendly, successful and beautiful spaces is our common goal.


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

~Steve Jobs


We’ve completed 40+ retail store locations for brands alike Cartier, Costa, KPN, Schiphol, SportCity, as well as Stuttgart Bed & Breakfast, a 1917 townhouse and commercial office projects including the recent refresh for the LT Foods Europe B.V., Rotterdam headquarters.

As a smaller firm we can offer competitive pricing and a hands-on approach to services from concepting, test design sprints, data driven programming and design development through construction data.

From eco chic to serene simplicity, from contemporary to bohemian with a cool edge, we can translate your brand and personality into a design especially costumed for your store, home, hospitality business or hotel. With our years of extensive experience and knowledge, we translate your wishes into a custom-made design for the ultimate added value. We believe that a space has to be inspiring and challenging. At Yeh Design everyone can enjoy an affordable design that is practical, smart and beautiful! Curious about our work? We would love to tell you more!

Hsiu-Li Yeh

Founder Yeh Design


Yeh Design is affiliated with BNO

What we do.

We use Design Thinking principles and the Psychology of Human Behaviour by applying this to spatial strategies, innovations, masterplans and user engagement. Whether it is design for retail, hospitality or residences, we elevate residential & commercial spaces onto another level as taking in account it’s brand & identity.

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